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Ignition wire sets

Ignition wire sets

High-voltage wire sets SCT-GERMANY ensure transfer of high-voltage from the ignition module of your car to the spark plugs and suppress electromagnetic interference that may cause undesired airborne electronic systems.

Ignition wires SCT-GERMANY made ​​of high- technology cables with inductive reactance. This means that the interference suppression reactance resistor changes depending on the engine speed and as a consequence, provides the smooth interaction of the electronic systems of the vehicle regardless of the engine operating condition.

High voltage wires SCT-GERMANY have a core of glass fiber -reinforced stainless steel wire. High voltage cables with inductive reactance two coats of silicone and fiberglass. Glass fabric gives higher tensile strength, and the outer -layer silicone insulation of high-voltage wires SCT-GERMANY, to protect against voltage 40000V supplied to the spark plugs and gives the product a special flexibility and durability.
Silicone is used for the manufacture of high-voltage wires SCT-GERMANY, has the highest heat resistance class according to ISO 3808 (class F, up to +250 ° C) and chemical resistance of petroleum products.

The high insulating properties of the wires SCT-GERMANY provide certain engine starting in cold and wet weather, help to improve fuel efficiency, allow for lean-burn operation to reduce the toxicity of emissions vehicle. High-voltage wires SCT-GERMANY allow full use of all of the speed and the dynamic capabilities of the car.

Each set of high voltage SCT-GERMANY precisely adapted along the cable to the motor with respect to the overwhelming noise resistor geometry plug -in terminal strip made ​​of an elastic brass.