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MANNOL Novelties at the Automechanika 2014


Wedel, Germany 19th September 2014


The Automechanika fair in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, is a very suitable opportunity for MANNOL to present our latest releases. Visitors from all around the world have the possibility to get to know our products as well as to get back to us because they are satisfied with what we offer. We kindly invite you to visit us at our stand in the German pavilion, Hall 6.0 B25.


What clearly stands out when you visit us at our stand is the fact that MANNOL has changed its initial brand design. The colours silver, blue and yellow are easily discerned as the main novelty, now being eye-catching and present in the eye of the beholder, what noticeably improves the recognition factor of our brand. This is how we wanted our new face to be like: modern, professional, technical and consistent, thus representing our broad knowledge, strong commitment and absolute reliability with regard to manufacturing products that will meet and exceed your expectations. MANNOL already is a leading brand of quality lubricants, and with this confidence we are ready to expand and enter new markets. Our new target groups will profit from what we do best – provide excellent products to satisfy our customers’ needs. The new brand design will act as a mediator in introducing ourselves to these new markets, so that future customers will identify us easier as their dependable partner.


We are proud to be able to present you some of our latest releases at this year’s Automechanika, our special products available only from MANNOL.


To begin with, MANNOL ATF AG60 is a transmission fluid that is designed for use in most vehicles equipped with 8-, 6- and 5-speed automatic transmissions. This synthetic fluid ensures a comfortable gear shift at low temperatures, protects against wear through friction and prolongs the working life of the automatic transmission. The special additive package contained therein increases the performance and the reliability of the hydrodynamic coupling, the gearwheels and the hydraulic servo drive, simultaneously decreasing fuel consumption.


MANNOL DSG Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid, our next novelty, is a transmission fluid that guarantees good lubricating properties even at extremely high temperatures in summer and exceptionally low temperatures in winter. This synthetic fluid virtually allows slip-free operation and thus minimal torque loss. It reduces wear and extends the working life of the transmission.


Ultimately, MANNOL DPF Cleaner is a highly effective cleaner that removes soiling from diesel particulate filters, especially soot. The newest German technologies ensure that the cleaning process takes place directly inside of the filter so that it does not need to be dismantled or removed, which saves time and additional workshop costs.


Moreover, we would like to present the new MANNOL Motoline to you. These are products exclusively designed for the use in motorcycles that need a special lubricant handling because of different operation circumstances, such as high speed and high revolutions, and because of different engine types, such as two-stroke motors. Our highly efficient oils ensure durability and reliability under extreme circumstances thanks to contemporary technical solutions, for example, by adding ester. To make sure these products are filled in correctly and safely into your motorcycle, we have equipped all containers with a practical filler nose. Besides, the new MANNOL Motoline comprises special lubricants for exterior use, among them MANNOL Chain Lube, White Grease and Chain Cleaner, all of which provide a trouble-free operation with their water-repellent, soil-resisting and weatherproof properties.


The MANNOL O.E.M. Line, established in 2013, is a range of engine oils for specified passenger cars. Our main purpose of establishing this line was to be able to offer high-quality products at an optimal price. This is why we only use high viscosity index oils and contemporary additive sets from our long-term Dutch partner, the additive specialist company INFINEUM. All O.E.M. samples are thoroughly checked and are regularly tested by independent research centres for compliance with applicable standards as well as technical and constructional specifications of the leading car manufacturers.


Please note that numerous MANNOL oils are manufactured in different trading units, such as 0,5 l, 7 l and 10 l, thus satisfying the needs of vehicles with high-capacity oil systems as well as large vehicle fleet owners. These trading units are available only from MANNOL. Please contact us to know more about our offer.


Thank you for choosing MANNOL. We are looking forward to meeting you at the Automechanika 2014 and on our website