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MANNOL Novelties at the Automechanika 2016


Wedel, Germany

6th September 2016


                This year’s Automechanika fair in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, is a suitable platform for MANNOL to present its novelties to a broad public. There are special developments which contribute to your satisfaction and comfort. We would like to invite you to visit us at our stand 6.0 B25 so you may get to know what novelties we have in store for you.


                Our range of new OEM oils is a new addition to our broad offer of lubricants. There are several reasons why to apply OEM oils, the most important of them being protection against wear and tear by minimising friction and thus ensuring optimal operation under the parameters defined by the manufacturer. The combination of selected base oils, a refined additive package and their perfect blend ratio results in an increased performance and a decreased fuel consumption. Additionally, our oils ensure the longevity of all involved components. Get the best out of your engine with OEM oils from MANNOL.


                Another novelty we would like to share with you at the fair is our LongLife filter range. This kind of filter is distinguished by its characteristic white filter element which is fully synthetic and net-reinforced, thus being the right choice for use in diesel vehicles with extended service intervals. Our LongLife filters are resistant to the rising water content in oil as well as to the influence of aggressive additives in synthetic oils. Protection of all components is secured thanks to a higher oil permeability, which guarantees reliable filtration and lubrication even during cold starts in winter. Additionally, you will profit from stability against high differential pressures, what completely eliminates the risk of bursting or collapsing. Our LongLife filters also have a superior separation efficiency, and this with regard to even the smallest particulates, along with a higher endurance and soiling capacity than usual filters. Its heat resistance up to 180 °C is an example of its excellent robustness.

                Whereas oils and filters are rather hidden from sight when it comes to everyday use of a vehicle, the clear view of the road is one of the most important security aspects during driving. Our wipers help you to ensure such a clear view and contribute to your driving safety. Since wipers are used relatively often it is indispensable to have reliable and high-quality wipers installed. So when it comes to visibility, it is our pleasure to present you with the latest innovations in wiper technology. Our range covers different wiper variations, from hybrid wiper blades, through rear wiper blades, multi-adapter blades, the reworked aerodynamics of aerotech wiper blades to the new and fresh package design in the context of cooperate identity. You are welcome to profit from more choice, and you surely will find the right blade for your needs.


                Of course good visibility is also required at night and during adverse weather conditions. Under such circumstances it is advisable to have the best lamps for seeing and being seen alike. We are happy to assist you with the right choice for your vehicle, now that you may also rely on our latest addition to our product range, the LED lamps. These increase road safety by a higher luminance and have a long service life, even at cold temperatures. Furthermore, LED lamps save energy and by doing so your vehicle’s battery.


                Thank you for your interest in MANNOL. Please contact us to know more about our product range. We are looking forward to meeting you at the Automechanika 2016 and on our website www.mannol.de.